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NS College Discontinues Practice-Ready Assessment (PRA) Route for Specialists

NEWS FLASH – Nova Scotia

Recently the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia issued notice that they will be discontinuing the Practice Ready Assessment, a credentialing pathway of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, – closing the door to Nova Scotia for some talented foreign medical specialists.

Mr. John Philpott, a senior Nova Scotia health consultant has issued his rebuttal to the NS Colleges decision.

Firstly, this is a huge mistake by CPSNS to eliminate a key physician recruitment tool. To state that PRA is seldom requested is incorrect. Only recently, a talented Oby/Gyn specialist from France inquired of our firm about gaining employment in NS, now her hopes have been dashed.

Secondly, it is our opinion that the CPSNS has never properly engaged PRA in conjunction with the RCPC standards and in compliance with RCPC exam eligibility.

The current demand for IMG fellows by Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre and the IWK Children’s Hospital, their struggles to find quality candidates, combined with the aging population of NS specialists proves that this is the time, not to cancel, but to enhance the PRA program.

CPSNS already has one of the highest licence requirements for IMG family practitioners, resulting in top trained CCFP certified or eligible candidates to bypass NS and take positions elsewhere in Canada. For CPSNS to now eliminate access to specialist recruitment tools, brings us to question if the College is acting responsibly in fulfilling their mandate of “ensuring quality standard of care to NS citizens”.

Author Note: John Philpott is the President and CEO of the Nova Scotia based firms – CanAm Physician Recruiting Inc. and CanAm Health Management Consulting Inc.


Moving to Canada from Another Country

According to an international survey released in 2010, more than half of the people around the world said they would move to Canada if they could. The survey, commissioned by the Historica-Dominion Institute in partnership with the Munk School of Global Affairs and the Aurea Foundation, indicates that 53% of adults in the world’s 24 leading economies said they would immigrate to Canada.

There are many reasons why individuals around the world move to Canada — people feel rights and freedoms are respected in Canada; immigrants are welcomed; there is more tolerance of people from different racial and cultural backgrounds; and Canadians have one of the best qualities of life. Many individuals also move to Canada as a result of a temporary or permanent employment transfer or to join other family members who have already settled and established a life in Canada.

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Physician Health Professionals Preparing for Retirement


Whether you are a new graduate, working as an associate, running your own practice or approaching retirement, tax, financial and retirement planning will always play a key part at every stage of your career. As your personal, professional and financial situations continue to evolve, you should ensure that you’ve done appropriate planning to help you achieve your goals and objectives throughout the different stages of your professional life.


Dr. Robert Martel: Nova Scotia government is ‘tone deaf’ to ER problems

According to Dr. Martel, despite millions of dollars spent studying the problem, innumerable ministers and deputy ministers of health, we remain challenged to provide the most basic service of all: assessment and proper disposition of a loved one who presents with a predictable illness requiring hospital-based care.

‘Patients do not choose to block emergency departments, their illness demands they show up there’

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Is the Sky Falling on NS Healthcare

The merger of the 9 District Health Authorities in Nova Scotia will officially occur on April , 2015. John Philpott, a Senior Consultant with CanAm Health Management Consulting finds it ironic that the NS Government chose April Fool’s Day for this event.

Certainly the NS Government does not see this as any joke, however, the public and critics of this major provincial undertaking are starting to wonder if the sky is falling around Nova Scotia Healthcare.

Physician vacancies are growing in all current district health authorities and wait lists continue to climb. The Deputy Health Minister is feeling the heat as noted in interviews regarding Orthopedic waiting lists, and most recently overcrowded emergency rooms.

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Anesthetist (2) – Permanent – Eastern Canada


The Anesthesia Department of CanAm’s client is recruiting for two full-time Anesthetists.

Physicians have the option of choosing a generous salary or lucrative fee-for-service payment modality.

Qualifications: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada eligibility or certification, or US Board certified preferred.

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MDs say they ‘need clarity’ on Canada Supreme Court’s assisted suicide ruling

Canada’s doctors are seeking clarity from the federal government on what the Supreme Court of Canada intended in its landmark ruling on assisted dying, including the question of how far a doctor is permitted to go in contributing to a patient’s death.

“We’ve got a few key questions that we think need clarity and this is one of them: Is it euthanasia or is it assisted dying?” said the Canadian Medical Association’s director of ethics and professional affairs, Dr. Jeff Blackmer.



Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

In the last few years, statistics show that an increasing number of licences to possess medical marihuana have been granted, and with the recent changes to the federal legislation, this number is very likely to keep growing.

One of the many issues to be considered in the wake of these changes is the impact on the employment sphere: How should employers deal with employees who use prescribed marihuana in the workplace? What measures should be put in place? Should parameters be set in order to supervise the use of medical marihuana in the workplace.

Drug manufacturers required to report shortages under new rules

Drug makers and pharmacists say that while they welcome new mandatory drug shortage reporting rules announced today, reporting on shortages will not be enough to end them.

Health Minister Rona Ambrose announced the new mandatory reporting regulations Tuesday in Vancouver, saying the new rules will give Canadian health care providers and patients advance notice of upcoming shortages to allow them to arrange alternative treatments.

“We know that drug shortages are a very complex global problem, but they have impacts that are felt right here in Canada,” she said. “Nobody feels these impacts more than patients and their families.”

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Family Physician Job – Cannabinoid Therapy for Pain Management Solution

Canada’s first referral only clinic that specialises in Cannabinoid Therapy for Pain Management Solution.

A state of the art research based Medical Clinic are seeking physicians who are interested in research while providing effective treatment for chronic and serious conditions through the use of prescription cannabinoids and herbal cannabis.

Full and Part-time Physicians Needed – Toronto and GTA

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